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Click on this link to get ALL 10 FULL sessions for FREE: 100dollarsadayin30days.com See what Ryan Parenti says about his personal and business life Matt Poc: Ok so let me ask the last question that I always ask. Could you tell us, what were two or maybe three products or paper books that had the biggest impact on your life? Ryan Parenti: In my life, or in my business life? Because those are two different questions. Matt Poc: Maybe you could tell about your life and then about business? Ryan Parenti: Probably one of the most impactful concepts of my life was the ideas of how we've been socially conditioned in the way we look at things. If you read a lot of books you'll find that the majority of things we think we learned in childhood, from society, and from our parents, and our schools, and all these types of things. And the majority of the ways that we think and feel — even about ourselves — are a lot of times not really based in reality. They're more based in the truth we think. The concept that I'm offering here is, hold onto our beliefs lightly. This may sound a little weird, especially without me kind of describing it, but I'm saying that a lot of the things that we think are just kind of in the general knowledge of things but aren't necessarily true. So we really have to be willing to let go of a lot of the things we think, especially about ourselves and about society. I wish I could talk about that and explain a bit, but it's kind of hard to talk about. So <b>…</b>

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